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* Packing our Plants*

Shipping live plants is a risk that we take as  plant lovers. We do ensure that we wrap each plant with the utmost care and love, as we would expect to receive ours. Depending on the type of plant, size of plant, and state to which it will be shipped, we will determine whether your new plant will be shipped in the pot, bare root or semi-bare. 


Once your package has been prepared it will be picked up by either USPS or UPS. We will try to utilize the carrier selected in the checkout process, however we do reserve the right to choose USPS or UPS. You do have the option to select faster shipping which I do highly recommend especially when purchasing rare/hard to find plants. if you do select express/overnight etc we will use the selected service. 

We are not responsible for courier delays causing lost packages or damage to your purchase. However, when you select USPS Express your package is insured up to $100 and if not delivered in 1-3 business days you can file a claim with USPS.

If there are any issues with your purchase, please notify us immediately/same day your package is delivered. Please provide pictures or preferably a video of the unboxing. Unboxing videos are always the easiest most efficient way to provide us with the information needed in case of problems during shipping. 

Please note: when shipping live/perishable plants it is common to have yellowing leaves, leaf loss and/or drooping leaves. These are completely common and nothing to worry about unless the roots or plant is damaged. 


We do offer 72 hour heat packs for $5, we highly recommend purchasing these when day time temperatures are less than 50 degrees. Keep in mind these tropical plants and cannot survive extreme temperatures.  It is your responsibility to be aware of local temperatures and conditions. If there is inclement weather locally to us we do reserve the right to hold your package until appropriate weather returns. We also offer insulation as an option in combination with heat packs or stand alone. 

*What to do if plants arrive damaged*

Please email or message our FB page the same day your plants arrive. We will need pictures, preferably an unboxing video of the plant/plants. Please do not throw away any contents until we have spoken. 


All sales are final.

Due to the nature of the product, we do not offer returns. If there is an error with your order please let us know immediately as soon as your package is delivered. 


Once you have selected your Rooted Beauty we accept most major credit cards, Paypal, Venmo, 


Wholesale pricing may be available upon request, please email for additional information.

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